Thursday, December 3, 2009

Module 4 Etiquette

I finished the etiquette survey and did pretty well. I can't say I've had too many interactions with people with disabilities but I'd like to think I would respond to any situation in a respectful way.

There is an independent living facility not far from where I live called Devereux Pocono center. People with disabilities stamp golf balls with company names and get paid minimum wage to do it. It gives the clients an opportunity to get paid for a job well done. They also live close to the center, many in their own apartments. I think this is a fabulous place and the clients seem very happy there.

The following is the list of 5 assistive technology websites:


  1. Hi!
    I checked out the sites you listed and found them very informative. The FCTD site was especially helpful. Parents need to know there is assistive technology to help with academics but they are also interested in assistance with other areas of their child's life. I hadn't really thought about how technology could assist with leisure activities. It makes perfect sense, but being aware is key. Thanks!