Sunday, November 22, 2009

Module 2: Hardware

I think it's amazing what technologies are available today! I think it's great that more and more we as a human race can see past people's disabilities and they can become amazing artists, scientists, or whatever they capable of.

I really liked enable mart and found a lot of great things that I used just a few of for my hardware selection. We have a certain percentage of students who become temporarily disabled - mostly due to sports injuries - that we do not accommodate at my school. Since we can apply for limited funding I used something the library could realistically acquire to help these kids for my hardware plan.

Some of the scenarios we deal with are students with learning disabilities and some of the hardware we have bought are playaways so certain students can read while they are listening to books. We do have some students and faculty with vision impairment. We do show them how to enlarge the text on screens so it's easier to read. Currently we do not have an elevator in the library so no student in a wheelchair could get to our library, but if someone were able to get to get up the stairs, our computer workstations are wheelchair accessible.

One of the bad things about my school is that we don't have a technology plan. We are currently working on one but the committee has just been formed.


  1. a good reason to have the library on the main floor

  2. Unfortunately, our area was devastated by Agnes in 1972. The decision to put the library on the second floor was a reaction to the fact that the library in the basement of our main academic building was completely under water.