Sunday, October 4, 2009

Week 5 - Image Generators and Rollyo Adventures

I also posted this on the Rollyo discussion board:

About Rollyo: I really, really, really love the idea of Rollyo. I really, really, really dislike the slow speed of Rollyo. If this can improve - what an excellent tool for librarians and teachers.

I am continuously trying to improve my library classes and how I teach my high school (college prep) students how to unravel the mysteries of term paper writing. Specifically, I am teaching them how to write a thesis, outline, and cite sources. My goal is to take the fear out of the process and although I have opportunities to teach these classes in the Fall and Winter Terms, generally term paper season starts in the Spring. I have linked my lessons to 21st Century Learner requirements and so I have a lot of interactive sites on this Rollyo.

So here it is

About Image Generators: This is a lot of fun and I have to admit I play with this all the time mainly because I never grew up and secondly my high school kids get really jazzed about doing this kind of thing so I incorporate them anyway I can into my classes. I am currently searching for the best place to help kids generate a magazine ad promoting something they have to sell for a sales pitch. I have found a few I really like. Like JibJab and BigHugeLabs .

I also thought this would be a good place to post my LTC, I'm #54.


  1. OMG I love your topic for your Rollyo, but I have run out of patience waiting for your searchroll to load! Would you be willing to share your term paper help links via another tool? I also work diligently to assist college bound students improve their paper writing abilites and I've very interested in reviewing your sources.

    By the way, did you know Google has a search engine generator tool. Click "more" on the Google page and select "custom search". Maybe this is the alternative to Roll-yo we are all searching for.

  2. good that your work starts where the students' interests lay. What did you think about nings and award sites? yes, good choice for lesson topic