Monday, September 7, 2009

Week 2 - Blogging

Hi, welcome to my blog about the 23 things journey we are all going to participate in this class. Blogging is actually the application I feel the most comfortable with. I use a blog for my public speaking class. I like using blogs because they are so straight forward. I also like using Blogger on Google because when I sign kids on I can introduce them to all the things Google can do like Google Aps.

For the purposes of this class, I decided to try some things I never did before like changing the font color and size on the pre-designed background. I have made several avatars before and just love the MadMen avatar maker so that's what I used for this exercise.


  1. Hey! Thanks for introducing me to MadMen -- what a kick! Welcome to Classroom Learning 2.0 - enjoy the discovery learning adventure.

    Best wishes.

  2. I like your avatar a lot. I went to Mad Men and made one but it never downloaded. Maybe it was blocked by school computer network or something... Still it's cool!

  3. Thanks for the avatar recommendation! I like it so much better than the Yahoo Avatar link that was suggested by 23 Things!

  4. I was playing with the Mad Men avatars just this morning. Interesting using blogs for public speaking -- crossing formats??